27 Beal 2019, 10.41

The Seanad Public Consultation Committee has today commenced an extensive research and public consultation process on ‘Travellers Towards a more equitable Ireland post-recognition’.

Committee Chair, Senator Paul Coghlan explained: “As part of a new era of mutual understanding and relations, based on respect and on an honest dialogue, this public consultation is an opportunity for positive engagement by the Traveller community as we shape our future.”

On March 1, 2017 the Irish State formally recognised the ethnicity of Irish Travellers and in doing so ushered in a new era of mutual understanding and relations.

As part of this, the Seanad Public Consultation Committee is inviting members of the Irish Traveller communities, both as individuals and organisations and any other interested parties, to put forward legislative, policy and other constructive ideas. The Committee would like to receive views from people from across the spectrum of age, ability, gender, sexuality and geography, under the two themes.

1)    Traveller Participation & Politics:
•    Strengthen the political representation of Travellers locally, nationally and internationally.
•    Promote and support increased involvement of Travellers in decision making processes within the public sphere.
•    Increase the inclusion of Travellers within civil structures, governmental agencies and Departments.

2)    Dialogue and Traveller social Inclusion:
•    Foster inclusion, dialogue and relationships between Travellers and the wider community.
•    Address the stigma, prejudice, discrimination, racism, social exclusion and identity erosion experienced by Travellers.
•    Ensure accurate and fair treatment in the media.

Senator Colette Kelleher, Rapporteur of the Seanad Public Consultation Committee on ‘Travellers Towards a more equitable Ireland post-recognition’, said: “In striving towards greater inclusion of Travellers and positive cross-community relations, this public consultation is an opportunity to shape a future of shared understanding and help improve visibility, participation and equality measures for Travellers."

The Seanad Public Consultation Committee is particularly interested in hearing from and the views and/or experiences of: Travellers; Traveller NGOs, equality bodies and civil society groups;  Government Departments; Public bodies; NGOs; Public Representatives; Research bodies and third-level institutions; Private citizens and Media.

In addition, the Committee may invite witnesses to make oral presentations to the Seanad Public Consultation in public hearings. The Seanad Public Consultation Committee will draft and publish a report in which it will make findings and recommendations.

When its report has been published, the Committee will present findings and request a debate with the Minister or relevant Ministers in the Seanad. For more detailed information on the submission process please click here

Submissions must be received by the Clerk to the Committee not later than 4 pm on Friday, 14th June, 2019.

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