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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 4 Dec 1923

Vol. 5 No. 17


Ba mhaith liom an tuarasgabhail seo do chur os comhair na Dála. Sílim go mba cheart go nglacfaí leis gan diospóireacht, mar tá go leór Billí chun teacht os comhair an Choisde. Bhí trí cruinnighe de'n Choisde seo agus na leasuithe a tháinig ó'n Dáil agus ó'n Seanad glacadh leis an cuid ba mhó diobh. Bhí leasú nuadh ag tabhairt comhacta do'n Choisde glacadh le Bille Príomhadach a caitheadh amach as an t-Seanaid. Ba choir go gcuirfí an leasú sin ins na mBuan-Orduighte. I d-taobh ceist an airgid ní bheidh cosdas na mBille annso leath co-trom agus mar atá sé thall i Sasana.

I wish to propose that the report of the Joint Committee be adopted. There have been three meetings of the Joint Committee. A number of amendments were referred to the Joint Committee by the Seanad and the Dáil, and most of these amendments have been adopted. There has been a new amendment inserted, empowering the Dáil to deal with a Private Bill, in case this Bill had been rejected in the Seanad. That was a necessary amendment to be inserted in the Standing Orders. As regards the financial side, promoters of Bills can have their Bills dealt with in the Oireachtas, at less than half the cost at present imposed on the promoters of Bills in the English Parliament. The amendment was suggested from this Dáil to reduce the cost, and we went as far as we thought was practicable to meet the promoters of that amendment. As there are a number of Private Bills awaiting introduction, I think it is important that those Standing Orders should be adopted. In connection with the Standing Orders it would be also necessary to have a change made in the date allowing the promoters of Bills more time, and it would be also possible to have Bills introduced twice a year for the first two years. When this motion is seconded, I have two further resolutions to move.

I second the motion.

Motion—"That the Second Report of the Joint Committee on Private Bill Procedure be adopted," put and agreed to.

I beg to move "That Standing Orders relative to Private Bills be printed."

I second the motion.

Motion put and agreed to.

I beg to move—"That during the current session the promoters of any Private Bill may publish the notice of intention required by Standing Order 8, during the months of December and January, instead of October and November, and that the dates for the deposit of plans and documents, the notice to owners, the deposit of copies of the Bill, and of petitions against the Bill shall be correspondingly altered."

I second the motion.

Motion put and agreed to.

In regard to the printing, I would like to ask if one may assume that these Orders will be printed in a shape conformable to that of the present Standing Orders, so as to make a companion volume?

Yes, that is the intention.