Would you like to get more involved in Ireland's parliamentary democracy? Find out some of the ways you can have input into the Houses of the Oireachtas.

Make a submission to an Oireachtas Committee


Make a submission to an Oireachtas Committee

Oireachtas Committees sometimes invite submissions on a particular issue. You can also make a written submission to a Committee at any time. Make sure you follow our guidelines and send your submission to the clerk of the relevant Committee.


Petition the Oireachtas

You can petition the Houses of the Oireachtas on matters on which it has the power to act. A special Committee of TDs and Senators, the Committee on Public Petitions, will consider your petition. The Committee will publish your petition and may invite you to speak directly to them.

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Committee on Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth invites submissions on the General Scheme of the Child Care (Amendment) Bill 2021
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If you are interested in responding to a call for submissions to a public consultation, it is important that you read the guidance note.

Collaborate with the Parliamentary Research Service


Collaborate with the Parliamentary Research Service

If you are an academic researcher you might be interested in a collaboration with our Parliamentary Research Service. Previous research fellows have focused on diverse topics including legislation, nanotechnology, European affairs and drones.

Vote in the next election


Vote in the next election

If you are an Irish or British citizen living in Ireland and aged at least 18 you are entitled to vote in elections to the Dáil, but you must be registered.

If you are a graduate of an Irish university you may be eligible to vote in Seanad elections.

Contact a TD

As your local representative, a TD can ask questions in the Dáil or raise issues that are important to you or your local area.

Join a political party

It's worth considering joining a political party if you want to get more involved in politics. There are more than 20 registered political parties in Ireland.