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A basic salary is paid to TDs from the date of the election, subject to the TD signing the Roll of Members of Dáil Éireann within 30 days of the election. Similarly, a basic salary is paid to Senators from and including the date of election to the Seanad. Those members of the Seanad nominated by the Taoiseach are paid from their date of nomination. Salaries are subject to tax, PRSI, the universal social charge, pension levy and pension contribution.

These rates are effective from 1 October 2021. Members or officeholders may have chosen to waive receipt of some salary or allowances; it should not be presumed that all of the amounts below are paid.


Basic salary

Additional salaried allowance

TD €100,191 --
Senator €70,168 --
Ceann Comhairle €100,191 €125,005
Leas-Cheann Comhairle €100,191 €54,549
Cathaoirleach €70,134 €49,255
Leas-Chathaoirleach €70,134 €27,112
Leader of the Seanad €70,134 €21,525
Deputy Leader of the Seanad €70,134 €9,595


Allowances for ministerial officeholders

The Taoiseach, Tánaiste, government ministers and ministers of state are all paid additional salaried allowances. These allowances are paid by the individual Department to which the Minister is assigned.


Allowances for specified positions

Certain specified positions within the Houses of the Oireachtas also have an additional salaried allowance. These salaried allowances are also subject to tax, PRSI, the universal social charge, pension levy and pension contribution.

Position in Dáil Éireann

Additional salaried allowance

Assistant Government Whip €15,150
Fianna Fáil Party Whip €10,100
Fine Gael Party Whip €10,100
Green Party Whip €6,060
Sinn Féin Party Whip €19,190
Solidarity/People Before Profit Party Whip €6,060
Labour Party Whip €6,060
Social Democrats Party Whip €6,060
Fianna Fáil Party Assistant Whip €5,050
Fine Gael Party Assistant Whip €5,050
Green Party Assistant Whip €3,030
Sinn Féin Party Assistant Whip €9,595


Position in Seanad Éireann

Additional salaried allowance

Government Whip €6,060
Assistant Government Whip €4,040
Independents Group Leader €6,060
Sinn Féin Group Leader €6,060
Civil Engagement Group Leader €6,060
Labour Group Leader €6,060
Independents Group Whip €4,040
Sinn Féin Group Whip €4,040
Civil Engagement Group Whip €4,040
Labour Group Whip €4,040



Additional salaried allowance

Chairperson of Committee (TD) €9,595
Chairperson of Committee (Senator) €9,595
Commission Members (TD) €9,595
Commission Members (Senator) €9,595
Chairperson of Committee on Members' Interests of Seanad Éireann €3,131

Where a Member is Chairperson of more than one Committee, they are only eligible to be paid one allowance. In some cases, members have waived receipt of some allowances so a presumption should not be made that all of the above allowances are paid.

Last updated: 04 November 2021