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Debates search tips

For ideas on how to find the speech or parliamentary question (PQ) you are looking for, take a look at these sample searches. These searches are done in the Find a debate page.

Sample searches

I want to receive a notification when my local TD speaks in the Dáil.
I want to see recent speeches about animal welfare.
I want to see speeches about the Animal Health and Welfare Act.
I’m looking for the debates of the Second Dáil.
I’m looking for speeches in the 1922 Seanad about divorce.
I’m looking for a speech by a particular TD.
I’m looking for a parliamentary question (PQ) asked by a current TD.
I want to see how a current Senator voted in a recent Seanad division.
I’m looking for a speech made at a Committee debate.
I want to see all the parliamentary questions (PQs) that were asked on a particular day.
I want to read the debates on a particular Bill.

Advanced searching

For targetted searching consider using advanced search operators. Any of the syntax below can be included in the search box with your search terms.

Our search uses the tf-idf algorithm when calculating search results. This algorithm looks at the frequency of a given search term in a document and how often the search term appear in all documents in the collection. These two factors combined give a single score.