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Scheme for secretarial assistance

Under the scheme for secretarial assistance, TDs, Senators and political parties directly employ their own assistants, administrators and chefs de cabinet, but these staff are paid by the Houses of the Oireachtas Commission.

The salary scales are listed on this page. Full details are on page 35 of the publication.

Scheme for Secretarial Assistance

This publication provides more details about the scheme for the provision of secretarial assistance for Members of the Houses of the Oireachtas and qualifying parties.


Salary scale

Secretarial assistant €24,423.37 - €46,888.43
Parliamentary assistant €41,091.75 - €52,199.83
Administrative assistant €34,446.11 - €48,503.92
Administrator €43,861.99 - €59,099.59
Senior administrator €66,179.00 - €82,520.00
Chef de cabinet €86,168.00 - €106,582.00