Agricultural Credit Bill, 1975: First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to amend and extend the Agricultural Credit Acts, 1927 to 1973.
—(Minister for Labour).

When will it be circulated?

Perhaps I could forestall any misunderstanding about this by saying that I hope to have a conversation with the Opposition Whips about this business and about next week's sittings. I hope to do that as soon as it is convenient to them. Could we nominally say this day week?

Is it true that we will be sitting on Sunday?

The Deputy should not take anything for granted.

I am sure it has not happened since 10.30 last night that it was decided to order those Bills. When will this Bill be circulated?

Does the Minister know?

This is what I have been informed.

It will be circulated before it is taken.

Probably the next thing that will happen will be a discussion on a Bill before we see it.

Second Stage ordered for Friday, 11th July, 1975.