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Last updated - 25 Sep 2020, 23.06

29 Sep 2020, 15.45

The Joint Committee on Justice will meet in CR3 LH2000.

The Committee shadows the Department of Justice and considers policy in the fields of justice, security and the rule of law to ensure that Irish society is safe, secure, just, open-minded and impartial.

Date established: 30 Jul 2020

House: 33rd Dáil, 26th Seanad

Select committee

The select committee comprises only Dáil Members. It meets to consider legislation and Estimates relating to the Department of Justice.

EU scrutiny

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EU scrutiny

All proposed EU legislation in the areas of agriculture, food and the marine is scrutinized by the committee and decisions are made regarding such proposals.

Committee contact details

Committee on Justice
Leinster House
Kildare Street
D02 XR20

Clerk to the Committee

Alan Guidon

(01) 618 3899

(076) 100 1755

Press officer

Robert Kennedy-Cochrane

(01) 618 4149

(085) 870 7436