The following letter from the PRESIDENT was read:—
"I hereby appoint the Secretary for Home Affairs, Art O'Griobhtha, as Deputy President in my absence. The fact that he is Vice-President of the political organisation clearly indicates him for the position, and is an assurance that he will have the loyal co-operation of the whole Dáil.
"I do not know that there is any provision made for it in the constitution but I think it important, so that the number in the Cabinet may not be too small, and that it may include a sufficiency of different types of opinion, to make good the deficiency in number during my absence, by the temporary admission of one of the present extra cabinet ministers, and if this be ratified by Dáil Eireann, Earnan de Blaghd, Minister for Trade, should be thus admitted.
"I am also of the opinion that the Deputy-President should be requested by the Cabinet to accept his salary, as in effect he will be giving all his time to the work.
"For the coming meeting of the Dáil, the Ministers in charge of Trade, Local Government, etc., should have schemes—practical proposals sanctioned by the Cabinet, and ready to be put into immediate operation if sanctioned by the Dáil—fully prepared. We must endeavour to begin at once to put into operation the domestic and constructive side of the Sinn Fein programme."