Mr. J. MACDONAGH (Tipperary, North) asked if in the case of monies subscribed to the Anti-Conscription Fund by individuals they would receive Certificates or Bonds, or would they get credit for the sums already subscribed?
The SECRETARY FOR FINANCE replied that the proposition would require a resolution of the Dáil. It would only be possible to take that step with individuals. He was prepared to bring forward a resolution to meet the case.
Mr. R.M. SWEETMAN (Wexford, North) did not agree with this suggestion.
CATHAL BRUGHA (Waterford County) stated that any persons who could prove that they contributed from one pound upwards were entitled to get a bond.
Mr. D. KENT (Cork, East) was of opinion that the question had better not be raised at all.
CATHAL BRUGHA (Waterford County) would not mention it, but would adopt the course suggested when the question was asked.
Dr. B. CUSACK (Galway, East) said that there was no question of bonds at the time the Anti-Conscription money was asked for. He was opposed to the suggestion of the Deputy for North Tipperary.
SEAN ETCHINGHAM (Wicklow, East) agreed with the last speaker.
SEOSAMH MAC AONGHUSA (Longford Co.) asked what was the amount of the Anti-Conscription Funds received by the Dáil?
Ald. T. KELLY (St. Stephen's Green) stated that throughout Ireland the total amount of the Anti-Conscription Funds collected was £250,000.
The SECRETARY FOR FINANCE, replying to the Teachta for Longford County, stated that the total amount of money received from the Anti-Conscription Fund was not more than £18,000, and was probably much less.
Mr. J. O'MAHONY (Fermanagh, South) agreed with the suggestion that the question of giving Bonds for the equivalent amount of Anti-Conscription Subscriptions had better not be mentioned at all.
Mr. W. SEARS (Mayo, South) asked for a definite proposal on the matter.
T. MACSUIBHNE (Cork, Mid) moved, and J.N. DOLAN (Leitrim) seconded:
"That no Bonds be given in exchange for any monies not specifically subscribed for that purpose."
The motion was put and carried.