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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 29 Jun 1920

Vol. F No. 15


The ACTING-PRESIDENT formally moved:
(a) "That the appointment of Sean Ua Ceallaigh, T.D,, as Minister for Irish, be ratified."
(b) "That Aibhistin de Staic, T.D., be confirmed as a Member of the Ministry in charge of the Department of Home Affairs, until the President's return."
(c) "That the appointment of Cacimhghin O Huigin, T.D., as Substitute-Minister for Local Government during the absence of Mr. Cosgrave be ratified."
(d) "That the appointment of Art O Connchubhair, T.D., as Substitute-Director of Agriculture during the absence of Mr. Barton be ratified."
(e) "That the appointment of Sean Etchingham, T.D., as Director of Fisheries be ratified."
The MINISTER FOR DEFENCE seconded the motion.
PIARAS BEASLAI (Kerry East) thought that if the Speaker of the House were appointed a Minister, a temporary Speaker should be chosen to preside while the affairs of the Department concerned were being discussed.
FIONAN O LOINGSIGH (Kerry South) agreed with the previous speaker and suggested the name of the Deputy for Clontarf (Risteard O Maolchatha) as temporary Speaker for this purpose.
PADRUIG O MAILLE (Connemara) seconded the nomination of the Deputy for Clontarf.
THE MINISTER FOR DEFENCE did not see any necessity for this course. The Speaker could remain in the Chair and direct the work while the report of the Department for Irish was being discussed.
PIARAS BEASLAI (Kerry East). It is not fair to ask the Speaker to translate speeches in criticism of his Department.
THE SPEAKER explained that he was really a Deputy for the Speaker who was at present in Rome as an Envoy. The amendment which he was going to put to the House was therefore whether they should appoint a Deputy Speaker to the Deputy Speaker.
The amendment was put and negatived by 18 votes to 8.
The ACTING-PRESIDENT'S motions for the ratification of the various appointments were then severally put and unanimously adopted.