Cúrsaí an Airgid atá os bhúr gcóir anois.

A Chinn Chomhairle, I have to put before you and before the Dáil as Trustees for the National Funds for the year 1921-22, the names of Most Rev. Dr. Fogarty, Bishop of Killaloe, President de Valera, and Mr. Stephen M. O'Mara of Limerick.

There was no necessity (Mr. Collins said) to say anything about them. He would like, however, to pay his small tribute to the Most Rev. Dr. Fogarty for the aid he had been to him, personally, in connection with the National Funds for the past two years. He was always sure of advice and comfort from his Lordship, and no matter how black things might have looked for the moment, he would say something cheerful and good to hear.

The President had been sufficiently praised. In America they had been enabled through him to collect a comparatively colossal sum.

They would observe that the name of Stephen was substituted for that of James O'Mara, who had resigned; but he would like to say that, in his opinion, but for the pioneer work done by Mr. James O'Mara, they would not have been nearly so successful in raising the money abroad. He was sorry the name had been changed; but, after all, it was only the initials, and he was sure that when they went to work again, whatever might be the difficulties, they would still have the cordial support of Mr. James O'Mara. He believed that he only voiced the feelings of everyone who worked with him, as he had done, and was associated with him, in saying everyone was particularly grateful to Mr. James O'Mara for the work he had done for us.

I have great pleasure in seconding the motion proposed by the Minister of Finance. The names proposed are of gentlemen known throughout Ireland, and I would like to join in the compliment paid by the Minister of Finance to Mr. James O'Mara for his services.

Ceist curtha agus aontuithe.