To ask the President of the Dáail if he will set aside an early date for the discussion of the whole question of the position of Finance and Taxation, in specific reference to the relations at present existing between the Provisional Government and the powers of the Dáil, and the British Government.

The only answer that I can give to that question is, that estimates will be submitted to the Dáil in, I should say, about a fortnight's time. I do not quite understand what is meant by the "position of finance and taxation." This Parliament has no power to pass; it is a Provisional Parliament as far as that is concerned. The part relating to "specific reference to the relations at present existing" is a rather general question. I should like to know what exactly is meant by "specific reference" before giving an answer.

What I meant by it is this: The President has thrown out by way of an aside that this Parliament has no power of taxation and no power of varying taxation made in some other places. That is a matter that ought to have been made in the statement of policy and discussed by this Dáil.

I have no further answer to the question. Either it is a fact or it is not a fact.