asked the President of the Dáil, in view of the circumstances that this Chamber has appointed a Chairman, Deputy Chairman, and certain Ministers, when he proposes to bring before the Dáil a Bill authorising the payment of salaries under these appointments.

I do not intend to bring in any Bill, but I would suggest to the Dáil that it ought either to appoint a Committee or in the absence of the appointment of a Committee take a recommendation from the Ministry to set up a Committee which should deal not only with the matters that are mentioned there, but also questions of the payment of Members. The Committee to be represented by the Dáil, that is, it ought to be a Committee of proportional representation character, in order that the views of the Members of the various sections that comprise the Dáil would find expression in the Committee. If that is agreeable to the Dáil, you could either select the Committee or the Dáil to take nominations from us.

I think the proposal of the President of the Council of Ministers is a very desirable one and that it will receive the general approval of the Dáil.

As the person who put the question I think it would be a very desirable thing, and I welcome the answer the President has made. We should begin early with the appointment of Committees under the procedure which he so admirably suggested on the principle of Proportional Representation.

I have an important question to ask the Minister for Home Affairs, but I do not see him in his place. Will you take it out of its order?

You may take it perhaps later.

If I may be allowed to do so.