asked the Minister of Agriculture if the Ministry propose during the present Session to bring in a Bill before the Dáil for the completion of Land Purchase; and if so, to say when the Dáil will have an opportunity of considering this Bill.

This Government— which is a Provisional Government —will only continue in office until the Constitution is enacted and the Free State Government formed in accordance with the terms of the Constitution. Under present arrangements the Constitution must be enacted by the 6th December. It is not proposed to bring a bill before the Dáil for the completion of Land Purchase before the Constitution is enacted. The Provisional Government cannot answer for the Free State Government that will be formed after the 5th December. It is recognised, however, that the problem of Land Purchase must be dealt with at the earliest opportunity, and a scheme for the completion of Land Purchase is being considered and will be at the disposal of the Minister of Agriculture of the Free State.