I beg to move: —"That it is the opinion of the Dáil that Ireland should join the League of Nations, and further that application for admission to the League should be made forthwith." This is a Motion concerning the urgent necessity for Ireland making application to join the League of Notions and I do not desire to take up the time of the Dáil with this Motion unless it be absolutely necessary. If, as I understand, the Mimster for Foreign Affairs is still able to adhere to the undertaking he gave me I would ask your leave to postpone this Motion and have it appear on Monday's paper. If it is thought advisable to drop it for the present I am willing to do so under these conditions.

The idea is that if the Minister for Foreign Affairs can give an assurance that the Government proposes that Ireland should join the League of Nations Deputy Gavan Duffy would withdraw the Motion.

The difficulty is that it had been the intention of the Government with a view to being able to deal with certain Departmental matters to proceed uninterruptedly with the work of the Constitution next week. It had been the intention of the Government to move this evening that the adjournment should be until 3 o'clock on Monday.

If I understand clearly that this subject is receiving the urgent attention of the Government I shall be satisfied. I wish to get a definite answer one way or the other. If the answer is satisfactory, I will withdraw the Motion.

This matter has been considered by the Ministry and will be definitely placed on the Paper for Monday.

There may be only Government business on Monday.

That is why I am asking your leave to have this Motion on the Paper for Monday, but I think it would be embarrassing the Government unnecessarily to do so, if they take my point of view.

I cannot give any guarantee that it will be on the Agenda for Monday at the moment.

I think that the arrangement of the Agenda is in the hands of the Ceann Comhairle.

I quite agree, in consultation with the Government.

If a satisfactory answer is not given by the Minister for Foreign Affairs I think it only fair that the business should be on the Agenda for Monday. It is not a matter that will take very long.