Mr. BEWLEY, Ministry of Finance;
Mr. FITZPATRICK, Ministry of Economic Affairs;
Mr. HOOPER, Ministry of Agriculture;
Mr. LYON, Ministry of Labour;
are hereby appointed a Committee:
1. To determine the relative cost of living in Ireland as a whole for the months of March and June, 1922, as compared with the cost of living in July 1914, on such a basis as will show the average increase in the cost of maintaining the same standard of living for a family dependent on wage-earnings.
2. To advise on the considerations affecting decision as to whether the cost of living figures so determined should be published, and, if so, what form publication should take.
3. To advise as to whether a cost of living figure should hereafter be determined periodically by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and, if so, at what intervals.
The Committee should endeavour to complete its calculations under paragraphs of this reference not latter than July 15th next.
I should also say that, in addition to the terms of reference included in the question, the Ministry for Home Affairs has been instructed to get the figure for September. The other information the Deputy inquired for I am having compiled, and I shall be able to produce it within a couple of days.