I think this would be an opportune moment to adjourn the Dáil until 3 o'clock tomorrow. I am moving, I think, with the concurrence of the President.

Other Deputies wish to continue the debate.

I second the motion for adjournment.

It seems rather strange that at this moment that Deputy Johnson should withdraw this amendment, as in moving it he suggested various motives to the Ministry, if I am correct——

I do not remember.

There were suggestions made regarding provision for the inviolability of the dwelling, for arrests and so on.

Is it to be taken that Deputy Johnson is going to escape Ministerial castigation, if he has the right to withdraw?

The Ministerial castigation can come to-morrow, when winding up the discussion.

But the real chance I would have of administering this castigation would be gone.

I must say that I have not read, with any degree of attention, the Standing Order that was referred to. This amendment that was before the House, after a debate of two or two and a half-hours, is now at the suggestion of a Deputy withdrawn, so that we shall see no more of it. I think I would have disposed of that amendment much more summarily than the particular method adopted, and I do not think much more would have been heard of it. As far as we are concerned, it seems we have to take what comes, and when our chance comes to uphold the honour of the Ministry we are deprived of that opportunity.