To ask the Minister for Home Affairs whether he is aware that an inquest fixed for Tuesday, September 26th, in connection with the death of John Lohan, of Woodquay, Galway (who had been shot by National troops for, as alleged, failing to halt when called upon to do so), fell through owing to the non-attendance of a sufficient number of jurymen; whether it was not within the power of the Coroner, seeing that these jurors summoned had not attended at the specified time, to issue fresh summonses and compel the attendance of these or other qualified jurors up to the required number; whether the Coroner was justified in the circumstances mentioned in abandoning the inquest; and whether he will state generally the powers and duty of a Coroner in such circumstances.


A report was received this morning from the Coroner indicating that the inquest on the late John Lohan, fixed for Tuesday, September 26th, was not held owing to the non-attendance of a sufficient number of jurymen, and asking for directions in the matter. The Coroner appears to have the powers indicated in the Deputy's question. Whether in the particular instance cited he fulfilled his duty is a matter that cannot be determined until a full inquiry has been made into the circumstances. Such an inquiry is being made, and the Deputy will be informed later of the result.