To ask the President whether he is aware that an order has been issued by the O.C. the National Forces in Galway to the effect that permits to drive motor cars or obtain petrol would only be given to persons who could produce receipts for their motor tax; can he state the powers or authority under which this order was issued, or whether it is to be regarded as a military or civil regulation; also whether, in view of the fact that the earning powers of such cars as are used for hire are very considerably lessened, and that private owners can use their cars but very sparingly, owing to the state of the roads in that district, he will consider the advisability of making some concession, by way of reduced tax or otherwise, to car owners until such time as ordinary conditions of road travelling again prevail.

The first part of this question should have been addressed to the Minister for Defence. I am taking the matter up with him, but it will take two or three days to get an answer from that particular area. As regards the second part of the question, there is no option but to continue the collection of motor taxes, as all other taxes, on the present basis, unless and until alterations of the law are made by this Dáil on any points where that course may be thought proper. In this connection I would refer the Deputy to the answer given on the 28th ulto. to a somewhat similar question by Deputy Domhnall O Ceallachain.