To ask the Minister for Defence whether in the case of Patrick McGlynn, Postman, who was arrested in Kilkenny on 26th July last without any charge being preferred against him, and about whom a question was asked some time ago, and in reply to which it was stated that he had signed the usual form, that no action had been taken towards his release; whether arising out of this the Minister is aware that McGlynn attended at Kilkenny Post Office a week previous to his arrest and was cross-examined by Postmaster Coyne as to "the movements of the Irregular forces in opposition to the State in the Kilmanagh district," and McGlynn having stated that he was unable to give any information, that he was threatened by the Postmaster, who stated he (McGlynn) was trying to shield those people, which statement McGlynn states is absolutely untrue as he (McGlynn) had no connection with any political organisation; whether a week later McGlynn was again instructed to call at the Kilkenny office, and according to the report was evidently detained there until the military arrived to arrest him, and if there is any truth in the report that his arrest was carried out at the instigation of the Postmaster.

As far as this Department is concerned it is not considered safe to release Mr. McGlynn at present. He was not arrested at the instigation of the Postmaster, Kilkenny.