I would like to know is there any objection to the Dáil meeting on Monday next? We intend to bring forward the Electoral Law and Postponement of Elections Bill, and also if possible to bring forward the Amendment of the Malicious Injuries Act. There is another Act that must be passed before the 31st December—The Expiring Laws Continuance Act. I suggest now that when we adjourn for Christmas we should reassemble on the 2nd January.

With regard to one of the matters the President has mentioned, i.e., the Electoral Bill, it is a very capacious and compendious document, and I certainly think that the Bill before it enters on its Second Reading should be in the hands of Deputies at least one fortnight.

My intention in regard to the Electoral Bill if we meet on Monday would be to move its First Reading. By then I hope to have the final draft ready and circulated at once. The other Bill I am interested in is the Postponement of Elections Act. There is nothing very contentious in that and it follows the lines of previous British Bills postponing elections, and I think probably we might take the Second Reading as well as the first on Monday, if it were printed and available. If we had the Bill through very soon after we met in the New Year, the Seanad could have it passed before the 15th January. I hope we can take the Second Reading as well as the First on Monday.

You can keep it with all the other indigestible matter until after Christmas.

While we are on these asides, might I ask the Minister for Finance if anything is to be done in the immediate future regarding the appointment of a Comptroller and Auditor-General? I take it that that appointment will be made by the Dáil.


I think it would be better to deal with one thing at a time. The present suggestion is that we should alter the Standing Order by directing a sitting of the Dáil for Monday next, and that cannot be done unless the Dáil shall agree.

If the Dáil is willing, I shall propose that we adjourn now until Monday. We have a good deal of work to do on these Bills, and there is also a good deal of administrative work to be done. Now, as regards the question mentioned by Deputy Johnson, I did intend to bring forward next week a Resolution on that matter with the name of the person who was to be appointed.

I am not a bit particular as to what course may be followed in regard to the discussion on the Address of the Governor-General, proposed by Deputy Nicholls.

That can hold over. It is not very pressing.

You can keep it over and wedge it into odd spaces.