To ask the Minister of Industry and Commerce if he will name the gentlemen who constitute the Marine Board, state the functions of this Board, name the gentlemen constituting the Committee enquiring into the Marine Service, state when it is effected this Committee will report, and if it is proposed to lay the report before the Dáil?

The Minister for Industry and Commerce who is unavoidably absent, has asked me to answer his questions. It is not clear to what Marine Board this question refers. The only organisation in An Saorstat with such a title is the Local Marine Board established in Dublin under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894. During the past 10 years the only function discharged by this Board was the presentation to seamen of medals awarded by foreign Governments or by the Royal Humane Society, and it has now been allowed to lapse.

There is no Committee inquiring into the Marine Service.

If the Deputy would see Mr. McGrath on this matter he may be able to give him the desired information.