To ask the Minister for Agriculture if he is aware that students of the College of Science are leaving Dublin to continue their studies in English Colleges, owing to the lack of facilities in Ireland, as a consequence of the closing of the College; if he does not consider this a most unfortunate beginning for technical education at the establishment of the Free State; and if he has any statement to make on the matter?

I am informed that thirteen students of the College of Science, who were ex-service men and in receipt of grants from the British Government, have gone to England to complete their courses. I do not know of any others at present. The College of Science Buildings were closed on the advice of the Military Authorities, and the decision to close it cannot be altered. The best possible facilities were found for the students in every educational establishment in Dublin. If any of the students prefer to go to England now or in the future rather than accept these facilities, or to seek better facilities, it cannot be helped, and, though it may be unfortunate, it is a very minor misfortune as compared with other results of the present situation, and all parties concerned must learn to look at it in that light.