To ask the Minister for Defence whether it is a fact that Mr. Denis Horgan, National teacher, of Bruree, Co. Limerick, was arrested on September 11th, and has since been detained in Limerick Prison; whether he is aware that Mr. Horgan attended the Dingle Irish College during the months of July and August; that he has repeatedly stated that he took no part whatsoever in recent political or military events; that the officer in charge of the patrol who arrested him stated that he did not know of any charge against Mr. Horgan, but was acting on orders; whether Mr. Horgan, being convinced of his innocence, has made repeated applications to be put on trial for any charge that may be preferred against him; and whether, in the event of no such charge being preferred against him, the Minister will order this man's immediate release.

Mr. Horgan was arrested on suspicion in company with his two brothers, who were active Irregulars. The question of his release is receiving favourable consideration.