(for Tomas O Conaill): To ask the Minister for Defence whether the claim of Messers. White's Automobile Co., Ltd., Ballina, for spare motor parts, tyres, and work done, and for lorries which have been commandeered, has yet been paid; and whether he is aware that there is a sum of over £1,000 involved, and that the Managing Director, Mr. White, has already spent over £50 in trying to collect even part of this amount on account, and so far has been unsuccessful; and further, whether he is aware that a staff of twelve is likely to be thrown out of employment owing to the inability of the company to carry on business unless the accounts are promptly paid.

(for Minister for Defence): Consideration of this and similar claims are now before a Special Committee appointed for the purpose of adjudicating on claims of the kind. Messrs. White's claim is receiving the attention of the Committee at the moment, and an early assessment will be made.