To ask the Minister for Industry and Commerce if it is correct to state that Patrick Cleary, Errill, Ballybrophy, Leix, has been out of employment since last June, having complied with the usual conditions, by signing at the local Labour Exchange on appointed dates, without receiving any unemployment allowance, and if he will instruct the local authorities to pay all arrears due at once, or explain reasons for refusal or delay.

Patrick Cleary, Errill, Ballybrophy, made a claim for unemployment benefit on 20th June, 1922. He received benefit to the amount of £3 15s. 0d. in respect of the period ended 1st August, 1922.

In consequence of certain information which came to the knowledge of the Department, and from which it would appear that the applicant was not unemployed for part of the time he represented himself as unemployed, it was necessary to institute inquiries in regard to the payment of further benefit. These inquiries are not yet quite complete, but it is hoped that it will be possible to come to a decision in the matter at an early date.