To ask the Minister for Finance, (1) if he can state the number of pre-truce claims for malicious injury to property and person in the County of Mayo; (2) the amount represented by those claims; (3) if he is aware that considerable privation exists through the non-investigation and non-payment of the claims in question; (4) if he is aware that the County Court Judge has, unmolested, gone on circuit in Mayo; (5) that large garrisons are maintained in all the principal towns; and (6) such being the case, why cannot the Malicious Injury Commission, or one of its sub-commissions, hold courts for the investigation of claims in the county?

I am informed that the number of claims registered by the Compensation (Ireland) Commission from the County of Mayo, is 1,834, and that the amount represented by these claims is not available at the present time. I understand that the Commission are at present investigating some Mayo claims, and will deal with the others at the earliest practicable moment. The Government is not in a position even if it so desired, to issue directions to the Commission, which is an independent international body. The number of awards being notified by the Commission for the country generally has been increasing very much of late.