I beg to ask the Minister for Finance a question of which I have given him private notice. Whether he is in a position to make any announcement regarding the setting up of the Committee which is to deal with claims for re-instatement in the Public Service of Civil Servants claiming that they were dismissed for political reasons.

The Government has appointed a Committee consisting of Mr. P.S. O'Hegarty, Secretary to Post Office (Chairman), Mr. H. Friel, Secretary to Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. J. Houlihan, Secretary to the National Health Insurance Commission, and Controller of the Stationery Office, with the following terms of reference:—

"To advise the Minister of Finance as to the re-instatement of former Civil Servants who were discharged or retired from the Public Service and allege that their discharge or retirement was due to political reasons."

After careful consideration the Government has decided that in no circumstances will any payment be made in respect of salary for the period of dismissal or by way of compensation for loss of office. In so far as the conditions of the Public Service permit, reinstatement will be offered to any officer who establishes that he left the Public Service by reason of political victimisation.