To ask the Minister for Finance what steps, if any, the Government have taken, or propose to take, to redeem their obligations under the Treaty to compensate persons who sustained loss and damage at the hands of the Irish Forces prior to the Truce of July, 1921, as persons so aggrieved are, now that such a long interval has elapsed, naturally anxious to know what is the procedure for the lodging of claims, the tribunal that will adjudicate on same, and when, with a view to the prompt payment of such awards as may be granted under the circumstances.

If the Deputy refers to property loss the position is as follows: Where decrees which were defended by the County Council concerned were obtained in the circumstances mentioned payments are at present in course of issue. Where such Decrees have not been obtained, the sufferers may obtain redress through the Compensation Commission, the awards of which are being discharged as promptly as possible. The procedure for lodging claims was explained in Public Notices numbers 1 and 2 of 20th January, 1922, and 11th February, 1922, respectively.

As regards personal injury provision for paying compensation has already been made to a certain extent by agreements entered into between the British and Provisional Governments. In cases of Free State liability not otherwise provided for an opportunity of having claims investigated will be afforded by the special tribunal now in course of being constituted.