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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 17 Jul 1923

Vol. 4 No. 11


The Minister for Agriculture is in a difficulty in regard to a Money Resolution.

The Report Stage of the Land Bill will be on the Orders of the Day for to-morrow, and in connection with the Bill it will be necessary to introduce a new Money Resolution. Further money will have to be expended. The Resolution is quite simple. I am having it neo-styled now, and I could have it circulated in a short time. The Order Papers for to-morrow are printed, and if the Dáil would consent to take a copy of my Resolution to-day, it would facilitate us and enable us to get over the difficulty of re-printing the Orders of the Day. The Resolution is quite simple; it merely provides that further moneys in respect of one particular item in the Bill shall be appropriated by the Dáil.

When does the Minister suggest taking the Resolution?

Perhaps it would be too much to expect the Dáil to take it this evening. If the Deputies are not willing to take it this evening, I suggest it could be taken to-morrow before the Report Stage. It can be circulated to-day.

I do not think there would be any objection to having the Resolution taken this evening.

The Order Paper for to-morrow is already printed, and the further Money Resolution which the Minister speaks of is not on it. What is needed is the consent of the Dáil to take the Resolution this evening or to-morrow, and to waive the point that it is not on the printed Orders.

I understand Deputy O'Shannon's suggestion is that it could be taken this evening. That would suit me.

Yes, provided that time is given to the Deputies to see exactly what is in the Resolution.