asked the President if the Government have already instituted any inquiries which would assist in throwing any light on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Mr. Noel Lemass, which took place on Tuesday, 3rd July, 1923, in broad daylight, in a much frequented thoroughfare of the city.

Inquiries from official sources have failed to throw any light on the alleged kidnapping of Mr. Lemass, and similar inquiries have failed to confirm the recent rumour that his body had been found near Chapelizod.

Can the Minister say whether the official inquiries have included examination of the person who was with Mr. Lemass when he was arrested?


I could not say. I have inquired from three Police Departments, from the Dublin Metropolitan Police, from the Civic Guard and at Oriel House. I do not know what steps have been taken, but I asked them to make the fullest inquiries with a view to throwing any light on the matter, and they have not been able to confirm either the allegation of kidnapping or the rumour with regard to the finding of the body.

Does the Minister say that they have not been able to confirm the allegation of kidnapping, while at the same time he does not know that the person who was temporarily kidnapped at the same time that Mr. Lemass was taken has not yet been seen by any of the detectives or police departments?


I did not say that he had not been seen.

But it is the fact that he was not, or at least that he had not been up to a couple of days ago.


I am not in a position to contradict that. We have not been able to discover his whereabouts, and we have not been able to confirm the rumour as to the finding of his body.