I move for leave to introduce a Bill to validate certain licences for the sale of intoxicating liquors which have lapsed by non-renewal, and to give effect to certain transfers of such licences.

It is a small Bill dealing with the question of the renewal of licences. Owing to the absence of Petty Sessions Courts in September of last year, certain holders of licences were unable to obtain their annual renewal, and their licences lapsed technically. The District Justices this year were in the position that they could not grant a renewal of these licences. There was no licence to renew, strictly and legally. There were similar difficulties arising out of the disturbed conditions of the last few years, and this will be a short Bill to get over those difficulties and to enable the licences to be renewed by the District Justices. I anticipate the Bill will be non-controversial.

Motion agreed to. Second Stage ordered for Wednesday, October 10th.