asked the Minister for Finance whether he is aware that Mrs. A. Repetto-Byrne, occupying tenant of premises at 29 Henry Street, Dublin, suffered serious hardship and financial loss owing to the destruction of the premises in 1916; whether it is a fact that the tenant, having already expended on partial rebuilding a compensation grant of £1,100, together with a further sum of £480, out of her own resources, would have been entitled to a loan of £1,200 under the Dublin Reconstruction (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916, in order to complete the reconstruction of the premises, but was prevented from obtaining this because the British Postmaster-General purchased the premises in 1918 and as landlord opposed the loan; and whether, in view of the fact that the Irish Postmaster-General has since taken possession of the partly reconstructed premises and has collected the rent payable by a sub-tenant, and that as a consequence of the loss of the premises Mrs. Repetto-Byrne has suffered further financial loss, the Minister is prepared to take action, by way of ex-gratia grant or purchase of the tenant's interest or otherwise, as will prevent any technicality as to the rights of the Crown or the State operating so as to inflict hardship on this tenant, while all other tenants in the same area have received the full compensation for their losses to which they were entitled by law.

This case has been very carefully considered by the Postmaster-General and myself, and after reviewing all the facts of the case I regret I can hold out no hope of any grant or payment to Mrs. Repetto-Byrne.