asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health if he is aware that it is alleged that Michael Blake, the Head Attendant in Letterkenny Mental Hospital, who was absent from his work as stonemason in the hospital for seven days last October, received full pay from the Management Committee, who granted him sick leave for that period; that it is further alleged that during such absence he was setting gas retorts, the property of the Letterkenny Urban District Council, and for which he was paid £6 by the Council, and if, in view of these allegations, he will cause enquiries to be made into the matter.

I am not aware that any complaint has been made to the Committee of Management of the Letterkenny Mental Hospital with regard to the absence of the Head Attendant from duty without sufficient cause. The Committee would presumably consider any well-founded complaint against an officer.

I do not appear to have any functions in the matter which will, no doubt, be considered by the auditor at the audit of the accounts.