I move:—"That the Dáil sit later than 8.30, and that the motion for the adjournment be taken not later than 10.30." I would like to give notice that I will propose on the adjournment to-night that the Dáil assemble in the morning at 12 o'clock, sit until 2, adjourn until 3, and rise at 6. I would like also to give notice that I intend to have on the Order Paper for to-morrow two Bills of which no notice has been given. The first Bill will be the first amendment to the Constitution, and the second Bill will deal with certain alterations in the electoral law rendered necessary owing to the election of nineteen members to the Seanad. The first amendment to the Constitution has relation to some infirmities which exist in those portions of the Constitution which deal with the termination of office of outgoing Senators, and also with regard to any vacancies which might arise in the Seanad from the date of the formation of the Panel to the date which under the electoral law is stated to be the date deemed for election. No provision is in the Constitution in respect of the second matter, and as regards the first, I think an examination of the articles of the Constitution in question will make it clear that such an amendment is necessary.

Motion put and agreed to.