As regards Private Deputies' Business, in the Shop Hours (Drapery Trades, Dublin and Districts) (Amendment) Bill, 1924, Report, the Order will be discharged and taken this day four weeks. With regard to Deputy Johnson's motion asking to have a copy of the Minutes of Evidence in connection with certain Trade Boards Orders laid on the Table, perhaps the Minister for Industry and Commerce would say what he intends to do.

There is only one copy of the Minutes of Evidence. That is the original copy which I have here, and I am prepared to lay it on the Table. That, I understand, means that it is to be placed in the hands of the Librarian. I am prepared to do that provided that it is returned to my department for departmental use after the debate, which, I understand, is coming on on the 26th instant.

The object of my motion is to have the evidence available, and when the purpose of the discussion is fulfilled I do not mind what becomes of the copy.

Laying it on the Table means, I understand, handing it over to the Librarian to keep it in the library all the time.

It is made available to Deputies.

It could be made available from now until after the debate, and then returned to my office.

On that understanding I presume Deputy Johnson's motion will not be moved.

When is it intended to take No. 2, the Damage to Property (Compensation) (Amendment) Bill? Is it the intention of the Government to proceed with the Vote on Account through all its stages, including the motion of Deputy O'Mara and the amendments?

The Damage to Property Bill will not be taken again until after financial business. It is the intention to proceed with the Vote on Account through all its stages.

Before we proceed with the ordinary business, would the Minister give us any information in connection with the arrangements which it is proposed to make for the Easter holidays?

I am afraid I could not give any precise information now. It would depend on the amount of progress made this week. I think Friday next would be the earliest date on which a definite statement could be made.