asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce whether his attention has been called to the claim to unemployment insurance benefit, dated 25th October, 1927, of William Brett, carpenter, Windmill Hill, Kildare (Serial No. 2473), employed at Sandes Home, Curragh Camp, from 1911 to May, 1927, when he was discharged owing to shortage of work; whether his employer refused to stamp his card for this period, and, if so, what action he has taken or intends to take to force this employer to have the stamps placed to the credit of the claimant, so that benefit may be paid to him.

William Brett, Windmill Hill, Kildare, claimed Unemployment Insurance Benefit on the 25th October, 1927. The claim was disallowed, as no contributions had, up to that date, been paid into the Unemployment Fund on Mr. Brett's behalf. Mr. Brett's claim was the first intimation from him that he had been in insurable employment in respect of which contributions had not been paid. Inquiries were then made, with the result that contributions due in respect of the employment referred to by the Deputy have now been collected from the employer and will be available for benefit purposes from the date on which they were paid, namely, the 9th instant.