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Dáil Éireann debate -
Friday, 22 Feb 1929

Vol. 28 No. 3

Business of the Dáil.

The motion by the Minister for External Affairs relative to the Kellogg Pact is before the Dáil. It is an international instrument of very considerable importance, and as Private Member's time comes on at 12 o'clock to-day I suggest to the House that it would be an international courtesy not to interrupt the discussion on the Kellogg Pact and allow it to be concluded to-day. If the House were in the mood to finish the Cork City Management Bill, which has come back from the Seanad with some amendments, perhaps private Deputies would be agreeable to adopt the course I have suggested.

The position is that if the First Reading of the Workmen's Compensation (Increase of Compensation) Bill, 1929, is not opposed, it might be taken to-day. The Dáil would have in any event to fix a time for considering the amendments to the Cork City Management Bill that have come from the Seanad. If it is convenient, perhaps that might be taken to-day. The President suggests that the Kellogg Pact should be the first opposed business and, if it continues to 12 o'clock, that the discussion should not be interrupted.

I make the alternative suggestion that the debate should conclude at 12 o'clock and a decision should be then taken. I do not see that it is necessary the discussion should proceed beyond that.

If a large number of members wish to speak, there may not be much time for the Minister to reply.

If the course suggested by Deputy Lemass were adopted, perhaps the usual practice could be observed. That is, the Minister would rise to speak at a quarter to twelve and, if he desired to speak for five or ten minutes past twelve, there would be no objection. I do not know how long the Minister requires.

A very short time will do me.

In the circumstances it may be as well, if there is no opposition, to take the First Stage of the Workmen's Compensation (Increase of Compensation) Bill, then the Cork City Management Bill and then proceed with the resumed debate on the Kellogg Pact.

Ordered accordingly.