Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dáil Eireann Internal Loan.

asked the Minister for Finance if he can now state what steps he has taken towards repaying those subscribers to the Dáil Eireann Internal Loan, 1919-20, in County Roscommon, whose names are not on the primary register; if he will further state whether he has received the original list of subscribers in the Ballinlough district from Mr. William Judge, Clooncrin, Ballinlough, County Roscommon; and whether he is prepared to accept that list as authentic.

All persons in County Roscommon who are stated to have collected subscription towards the Dáil Eireann Internal Loan have been requested by my Department to furnish any records of such subscriptions held by them. The information received as a result of this request is being examined, and it is hoped that it will be possible at an early date to authorise repayment to subscribers in certain areas. A list described as the original list of subscribers in the Ballinlough district has been received from Mr. William Judge, of Clooncrin. The list represents subscriptions amounting to £224. Particulars of only £48 10s. of this amount were furnished during the period in which the primary register was compiled, and there is at present no evidence to show that the balance was ever remitted to the Dáil Finance Department. Investigations are still being made in the matter, and until these are concluded I cannot state when repayment will be authorised in respect of the subscriptions shown on the list in question.

Could the Minister give any idea as to when he will be in a position to say when these nonregistered subscribers will be dealt with? I think it was last May I raised a similar question, and I got the impression then that the work would be undertaken immediately. That is six months ago, and the people are wondering what is going to happen. I believe there are between three thousand and four thousand pounds outstanding in Roscommon. It is really a serious matter for people like Mr. Judge and others who collected money at the time, as they are being looked upon with suspicion by the neighbours when they do not see the money coming back. The Minister's answer showing that only particulars of £48 were furnished out of £224 is going to put people like Mr. Judge in a difficult position. I think the Minister should expedite it.

We are trying to do it. The position in South Roscommon is not nearly so bad as it is in North Roscommon.

Mr. Boland

I am aware of that, but this is nearly North Roscommon and is one of the areas involved.