Private Business. - Constitution (Amendment No. 12) Bill, 1928—Report.

I move:—

In Section 1, line 23, after the words "to be a Money Bill" to add the words "and such certificate shall be final and conclusive unless the question whether the Bill is or is not a Money Bill is referred to a Committee of Privileges under the subsequent provisions of this Article."

It is so long since this Bill was introduced I suppose that few Deputies will remember what it is all about. It is no harm to remind the House that in this matter at any rate the President has seen the light and has accepted the suggestions that have been made. Now, however, as the Bill has got to this stage I hope that we will see a revised copy of the Constitution, so that we may have something definite to refer to. I am sorry that I have not my copy with me to show to the House.

There is another amending Bill which has not yet been passed, and it would be advisable to await the passage of a measure which is dependent on another measure here before there is complete revision.

Are we not finished yet?

I suggest that the President should have a loose-leaf file for this matter.

As there is another amending Bill to come there is no use talking about this now.

Amendment put and agreed to.

I move:—

To delete lines 44 and 45 and substitute therefor the following:—

"Every such Committee of Privileges shall decide the question so referred to it and report its decision thereon to Dáil Eireann and Seanad, Eireann within twenty-one days after the day on which the Bill the subject of such question was sent to Seanad Eireann and, upon such Committee so deciding and reporting, the decision of such Committee shall be final and conclusive, but, if such Committee fails so to decide and report within such twenty-one days, the certificate of the Chairman of Dáil Eireann that such Bill is a Money Bill shall at the expiration of the said twenty-one days become and be final and conclusive."

This is really the amendment which gives effect to what the Deputy suggested on the previous occasion.

Amendment put and agreed to.
Question—"That the Bill, as amended, be received for final consideration"—put and agreed to.
Fifth Stage ordered to be taken on Wednesday, 6th November.
The Dáil adjourned at 8.30 p.m. until Wednesday, 6th November.