Public Business. - Expiring Laws Bill, 1929—First Stage.

Leave granted to introduce a Bill entitled an Act to continue for a limited period certain expiring enactments.

I propose to take the Second Reading of this Bill next Wednesday.

Could we get the Second Stage postponed for a fortnight? There are numbers of Acts that we want to examine, and we feel that if the Second Stage is to be taken next Wednesday, we will not have sufficient time to carry out that examination. We are anxious thoroughly to examine a number of Acts.

So far as this Bill is concerned it is really on the Committee Stage that any particular Act may be deleted. I presume that the Second Stage will be passed. It is on the Committee Stage that deletions, if any, will take place and I propose to give sufficient time between the Second Stage and the Committee Stage.

Even so, we feel that a number of these Bills are being rushed. We want sufficient time to examine them. It is before the Second Stage that the examination should take place.

I am quite willing to meet the Deputy, but I see no reason for any delay between the introduction of the Bill and the Second Reading. The time for delay would be between the Second Reading and the Committee Stage.

If the Minister is willing to meet us, it is all right. We are anxious to be met.

I do not want to rush the business at all.

I take it that the Minister is agreeable to the postponement of the Second Reading for a fortnight.

Oh, no. I do not think there is any reason in the Deputy's suggestion.

We are anxious to have this Bill and the Acts it refers to thoroughly examined before the Second Stage. A number of things can be discussed on the Second Reading that cannot be discussed afterwards and we are anxious to have time to consider all those things.

I am prepared to hear anything that has to be said next Wednesday, but I think the Second Stage should be fixed for Wednesday. If there then appears to be any reason for delay, we will meet it.

All right. I will raise the matter again next Wednesday. A number of things will likely crop up.

Second Stage ordered for Wednesday, 13th November.