Public Business. - Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Bill, 1930—Second Stage.

Before moving the Second Reading of this Bill I would like to see that the procedure suggested is satisfactory. This is a Bill of fourteen clauses, some of them related and some not related one to the other. It depends for its explanation on the clauses themselves. What I propose to the House is not to have the debate on the Bill now, but to go through the clauses and make an explanation on each section, where the sections seem to call for explanation, and then, if it is thought that time is required for consideration of the Bill, to have the debate postponed, either to a later hour this evening or until to-morrow.

My difficulty is that I have not read the Bill. We only got it this morning, and probably other Deputies are in the same position. The value of the Minister's explanation would be lost if we heard it without knowing what the terms are. If it would be possible for the Minister to postpone his explanation until to-morrow, it might be possible to take the Second Reading then.

I am quite agreeable.

In the leisure time which the Minister will have in regard to this Bill perhaps he will consider the position of other people who have lost their employment owing to the Shannon scheme; for instance, the fishermen on the Shannon at Killaloe.

Second Stage postponed until Thursday, 5th June.