Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Prosecutions under the Aliens Acts.

asked the Minister for Justice whether, pending the introduction of proposals for legislation dealing with naturalisation, he will consider the advisability of issuing instructions to the Gárda authorities to hold over all prosecutions under the Aliens Acts in the case of Irishmen and the children of Irishmen returning to this country from the U.S.A. and on U.S.A. passport.

The laws relating to aliens are administered with the greatest possible leniency as against persons of Irish descent and Irish-born persons who have been naturalised abroad. There are, however, some formalities which for statistical and other reasons must be complied with and it was necessary in a recent case to institute proceedings so as to secure that the alien would supply the required particulars. Prosecutions are not in general instituted against Irish persons who have been naturalised abroad unless all other means of securing compliance with the law have failed. It is not intended to issue any new instructions to the Gárda Síochána in the matter.