Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Rathcarn Colony.

Mr. Hogan

asked the Minister for Lands whether any representations have been made to him concerning the applications of Coleman Kane and Bartley Curran, of Rathcarn Gaelic Colony, County Meath, to be supplied with a cart each, and to have refunded to them the sum of £3, portion of their subsidy withheld from them in April, 1936; whether he is aware that these men were originally supplied with carts which were unsuitable and unsatisfactory; that both men refused to accept delivery of the carts, and that no other carts were supplied, and £3 deducted from the subsidy payable to each; and whether he is now in a position to state whether these grievances will be remedied.

Mr. Boland

The Deputy would appear to be misinformed as to the facts of the matter. A number of new carts were obtained by the Land Commission for the migrants at Rathcarn. Coleman Kane and Bartley Curran alone of the migrants refused to accept them on the grounds that they were of inferior workmanship. The Land Commission were satisfied that the carts were suitable, and informed Kane and Curran that unless they accepted the carts no other carts would be supplied. They did not take their carts, and subsequently, on the arrival at Athboy station of a further consignment, John Curran, son of Bartley Curran, and Coleman Kane, seized two of the new vehicles without the authority of the Land Commission, and brought them to their holdings. The Land Commission demanded the return of these carts, and, as the men refused to give them up, took legal proceedings for their recovery. Following the instituting of the proceedings, the men gave up the carts. The carts originally supplied for them are available, and they can obtain them, but no other carts will be supplied. In view of the action of these men, £3 of the grant was withheld. This grant was paid to migrants who attended to the work of their holdings in a satisfactory manner.