In Committee on Finance. - Presidential Seal Bill, 1937-Money Resolution.

I move:

That it is expedient to authorise the payment out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas of any expenses that may be incurred to give effect to any Act of the present session to provide that, as from the coming into operation of the Constitution of Ireland lately enacted by the people, the President of Ireland shall have a Seal, and to make provision for matters connected with such Seal and for the proof of instruments made by the said President or a Commission exercising his powers or performing his functions.

Is this for the purposes of buying the seal?

To provide whatever expenses may be necessary.

Has the Minister any idea what the seal will cost?

I do not know, but I expect it will cost a moderate sum.

Will the Minister say if the design will be open to competition amongst artists?

I think that will not be necessary, as we will be able to have most of the old design.

A change without a difference.

No. We will keep the design, but the essential part will be changed.

What will it be like?

Would the Deputy like to substitute a loud speaker for the harp?

Resolution agreed to.
Resolution reported and agreed to.