Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Road Accommodation.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether he anticipates increased use of roads by motor traffic after the war has concluded and, if so, what plans he has for increasing road accommodation for motor transport of goods and passengers, and when it is proposed to start work on any road projects contemplated.

A statement bearing on this matter was made by the Minister on the 14th June last when moving the Vote for the Department for the present year, and I would refer the Deputy to Columns 625 and 626 of the Official Debates of that date.

Arising out of the Parliamentary Secretary's reply——

What about my question not being answered?

The Chair called question No. 29 twice and the Deputy continued, in defiance of the Chair, to discuss question No. 28.

In defiance of the Chair?

You would not do that to Deputy Dillon.


Order, order.

The Deputy must now sit down.

In what part of the Minister's speech am I to find the date on which it is proposed to start work on the Road Improvement Scheme?

In answer to the Deputy, since the debate on the Estimate for the Department took place, estimates and plans have been fully discussed in the Department, but it is not possible to give the date by which the roads will be planned on a final basis.

The information that I asked is not to be found in the Minister's speech. Arising out of the amended reply, may I inquire whether it would not be feasible, in regard at least to part of the road programme, to take preliminary measures to survey and initiate procedure for the compulsory acquisition of any land that may be required for these roads rather than wait for the conclusion of the emergency and start at that tedious operation then? Would it not be desirable to have the preliminary work done so that we could put men to work when they are demobilised from the Army, or as they return from work in Great Britain?

The county surveyors have been instructed to make preliminary surveys and to prepare for acquisition proceedings.

So that when the plan has been examined we will know what we can do in relation to acquisition.

May I inquire if the basic and guiding principle in considering this project will be the provision of safety for road users and pedestrians?

The plans include consideration for pedestrians, cyclists, agricultural vehicles and mechanicallypropelled vehicles. The necessary provision will be made for all four classes.

Does the Parliamentary Secretary realise that certain road improvements carried out recently around Dublin will simply create death-traps for pedestrians because of the speed at which motor vehicles can travel on them?

That matter is also under consideration. We are now examining, in a preliminary way, what steps we shall have to take to control traffic after the emergency.