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Dáil Éireann debate -
Tuesday, 16 Jul 1946

Vol. 102 No. 7

Air Navigation and Transport Bill, 1946—Money Resolution. - Industrial Research and Standards Bill, 1946—Report and Final Stages.

I move amendment No. 1:

In page 4, Section 5, to delete lines 33, 34 and 35, and substitute the following:

(c) to test and analyse commodities, intended for sale or for use by the public, for the purpose of—

(i) advancing or facilitating scientific research and investigation,

(ii) ensuring conformity with standard specification,

(iii) encouraging the standardisation of commodities, processes and practices,

or, generally, with the object of ascertaining, for the public benefit, the characteristics of such commodities,

(d) to publish the result of any such test or analysis.

All the amendments in my name are amendments which I agreed to introduce on Report, following discussion of the Bill in Committee. The purpose of this amendment is to expand the reference to the function of the proposed institute in the matter of testing and analysing commodities. The House will remember that some apprehension was expressed that the powers given to the institute in the form in which they were set out in the Bill as introduced might be used to the detriment of public analysts and others who did the work of analysing and testing commodities as a business. It was never intended that the institute should act in that way, and the purpose of the amendment is to make it clear that its function will be to test and analyse commodities only in the circumstances set out in the amendment.

The Minister is quite certain that this amendment meets the position?

I think so. I had some difficulty in framing an amendment, but it seems to me that this is as near as one could get to clarifying the circumstances under which the institute would exercise that function.

Amendment agreed to.

I move amendment No. 2:—

In page 5, Section 8, line 18, to delete the word "nine" and substitute the words "not more than nine".

The Bill as introduced provided for an industrial research committee of nine. I am proposing to amend it to make it a statutory obligation to have a committee of not more than nine which will permit of a smaller committee if circumstances appear to justify it.

Amendment agreed to.

I move amendment No. 3:—

In page 7, Section 20, sub-section (4), lines 40 and 41, to delete the words "for any commodity, process or practice" and substitute the words "or standard of quality for any commodity, process or practice, or to issue licences for the sale or advertisement of any commodity".

The purpose of this amendment is to make it clear that where any Minister is empowered by any Act to prescribe a standard of quality for any commodity, or to issue licences for the sale or advertisement of any commodity, the consent of that Minister must be secured before a standard for such commodity is prescribed by the Minister for Industry and Commerce.

Amendment agreed to.

I move amendment No. 4:—

In page 11, Section 32, sub-section (1), line 19, to insert after the word "prepare" the words "and submit to the Minister".

This is a drafting amendment.

Amendment agreed to.
Bill, as amended, received for final consideration and passed.