Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Admission of Alien.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state with regard to an alien(name supplied) (a) the date of his entry into this country; (b) what funds or securities he brought into the country with him; and (c) under what circumstances his continued presence in the country is permitted.

I am having this alien's case investigated.

In the meantime I do not think that it would be desirable for me to make any statement in regard to him.

Will the Minister bear in mind, when he is having the case of this alien investigated, that it is on record that numerous evictions from their homes of Irish nationals have been carried out by this alien? Will the Minister take that into consideration when he is considering the case?

Is there any precedent for putting down a question in which a name has been supplied and which does not appear on the Order Paper?

I do not know, but I may say that, personally, I favour the suppression of names in such matters and, though it is not quite relevant, I think in references to small farms in which divisions are in question, the name of the owner should not be put in. However, I have no power to rule in this matter.

Arising out of the Minister's reply, is it not quite clear that this question has been put down in order to enable a certain Deputy to bring pressure to bear upon a private individual?

Who is not a citizen of this State.

The Deputy now admits that that was the purpose of his question? That is an abuse of his function as a Deputy.

In my reply I said that this case was being investigated and that I did not think that at this stage I could make any statement. I think it should be left at that by all concerned.

Except for the abuse of the function of Parliament by a Deputy.

On a point of order. Is Deputy MacEntee in order in stating that it is an abuse of my functions as Deputy to put down a question——

In order to put pressure on the Minister.

——relevant to the rights of Irish people who live in houses in this country?

There is nothing about that in the question.

There is nothing about that in the question.

I respectfully suggest to the Chair that, if this question is to establish a precedent, full consideration should be given to the matter. If the practice adopted in this case is to be continued in others, it could develop into very grave abuse.

It is not the first time.

I think it is.

Deputy MacEntee's solicitude for aliens is touching.

The spectacle of a lawyer trying to bring pressure on the Minister for Justice is not so impressive.

Am I to take it that Deputy MacEntee is suggesting that I am abusing my position here as a Deputy to further my own private business ends? I do not know this individual.

I do not know the purpose for which the Deputy put it down, but it is quite an improper question.

That is a reflection on the Chair.

That question was passed as no person is identified in it.

When you passed that question you did not know the supplementary question that was coming.

He must be a contributor to Fianna Fáil funds.