Order of Business.

Business will be taken in the following order: No. 7 (Votes 29to 37), No. 8, and then No. 7 again (Votes 58 and 59). It is proposed that public business be not interrupted for the taking of Private Deputies' business.

I notice that the Money Resolution for the Health Bill is not being taken. Will the Taoiseach state what is the reason for that? Is it a fact that a communication was received from the Hierarchy objecting to it?

The discussion on the Health Bill will be resumed to-morrow.

We are waiting for it.

Do you represent everyone here?

Might I ask the Tánaiste when time will be given for the consideration of No. 2 on the Order Paper?

I intimated to the promoters of that Bill in the last session that the Government would give time at any time which was desired, but I was not approached on the matter. It is inconvenient to take Private Deputies' business this session. I have been at a loss to understand why there was delay in proceeding with the Bill when the time was available.

On a point of order. Might I respectfully ask the Chair to explain to the House why it is that a question of mine relating to a statement made by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Welfare was not included on the Order Paper to-day? If you, Sir, will permit me I will repeat the question as submitted.

The Deputy is long enough in the House to know by now that the Ceann Comhairle is the sole authority as to what questions will appear on the Order Paper. The Deputy was asked to see me in order that I might explain the entire position to him. The Deputy did not do so. If the Deputy wishes to see me after I leave the Chair to-day I am prepared to explain fully to him thereason why his question did not appear on the Order Paper.

May I put it to the Chair that a slanderous statement was made by the Parliamentary Secretary about the doctors? I consider that is a matter for the House and I think my question should have been on the Order Paper to-day.

My attention was called to a statement made by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Welfare. I read the statement carefully and, as far as the Chair can see, the statement does not call for any action by the Chair. It is a contentious statement but many such statements are made every day in the Dáil and in Parliaments all over the world. If the Deputy wishes to meet that contentious statement there is a method of doing so. When the matter during the course of which the Parliamentary Secretary made the statement comes up for discussion the Deputy can take the opportunity of controverting it if he wishes to do so.

This is really an urgent matter and I think it should be discussed now.

There is no urgency whatsoever in the matter. The statement made by the Parliamentary Secretary does not in the opinion of the Chair call for any action by the Chair. If Deputy O'Hara wishes to contradict the statement or to controvert it in any way, the proper time to do that will be when the same subject matter is before the House again.